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So, here's some useful staff for your Little One

Part 1: Introduction

"Baby Gymnastic" - another beautiful way to have an amazing time with your baby. This video is bla-bla-bla about my personal experience. I don't think it's the only way to assist to the sviluppo del bambino, nevertheless I see a great positive impact of applying this to my own kids. Below is a practical guide, done by Kolya back in 2020.

Course consists of 5 parts and a short .pdf reminder with S A F E T Y recommendations. Enjoy!

Part 2: General aspects

How to start, when to do it, what could be the duration of the training, importance of warm-up and symmetrical application of exercises.

Part 3: SAFETY recommendations

Where to do it, what clothes to put on little one, use of cosmetics, type of grip, the nature of the movements.

Part 4.1: Technique - Hangs, Interceptions




Contact interception

Part 4.2: Technique - Throws


Forearm twisted throws,


Part 4.3: Technique - Figure 8
Evolution of Swinging and Twisting.
Part 4.4: Technique - NON-Contact Interception
Evolution of an Interception, an element of increased complexity - please proceed only after (!) confident mastering of the interceptions.
Part 4.5: Technique - Handstand
an element of increased complexity - please proceed only after (!) confident mastering ALL of the interceptions
(you have to be able to catch the baby ANYTIME in ANY way)
Part 5: Building up your training set
After mastering the individual elements of gymnastics, you are able to build up a set of elements that is convenient for you, connected by interceptions. Which is repeated the required number of times within a given period of time (2-3-5 min 3 times daily). Here's an example of two sets - simpler and more complex one.